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Dumplings, Noodles, Chinese Burgers

Family Recipes

Handmade Foods.

Made in Durham
and sold with love.

Attention / 注意


最爱的客人:最近,这小饺子馆有点忙。天天不一样,但是冷冻饺子已经卖完了, 煮饺子有六个选择。关门以后,老板包饺子。下边是这星期菜单。

Beloved Guests: Our little dumpling shop has been a little busy recently. Every day is different, but frozen dumplings are sold out, and choices available for cooked dumplings are more limited than usual. Each type of Chinese Burger and noodle may not be available, or they may be all totally sold out。 Everything is hand made. During business and after hours, the owner wraps dumplings. This week,we will start the day with the following menu until each item sells out.


猪肉白菜 $8 (10) Pork Cabbage

猪肉香菇 $8 (10) Pork Mushroom

牛肉香菜 $8 (10) Beef Cilantro

牛肉胡萝卜$8 (10) Beef Carrot

豆腐香菇 $9 (10) Tofu Mushroom

韭菜三鲜 $9(10) Shrimp Pork Chives

肉夹馍 / Chinese Burgers

猪肉夹馍 $6.5 Pork Burger

牛肉夹馍 $6.5 Beef Burger

菜夹馍 $6.5 Vegan Burger


春酱面 $9.5 Spring Noodles

菠菜面 $9.5 Spinach Noodles

冰粉(酸辣粉)$10.5 (Hot and Sour) Ice Noodle Soup

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours for takeout food and/or frozen food! We have picnic tables around the corner from our commissary kitchen under the breeze way.

Sister Liu's Kitchen

5504 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd #103, Durham, North Carolina 27707, United States

(984) 244-3973


周一   Monday - 10am - 8pm

周二   Tuesday - 10am - 8pm

周三   Wednesday - 10am - 8pm

周四   Thursday  - 10am - 8pm

周五   Friday - 10am - 8pm

周六   Saturday - 10am - 8pm

周日   Sunday - Closed


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